Regarding That Job Offer

It took longer than anticipated while they debated over how much vacation time I’d get and whether or not my job title would have the “senior” appelation added to it, but I finally got my official offer letter week before last. (Yeah, I’m way behind on this whole blogging thing. *laugh*)

The salary was lower than I was hoping for, but was good enough that I accepted the offer. If you take my hourly rate and extrapolate it out over a year, I’d be technically losing a few grand. But as I don’t actually work a full 40 hours a week all 52 weeks a year, that’s not really accurate. I checked how much I made last year, and that’s a little over a grand less than what my salary will be, so…

Plus, I get vacation, health insurance, annual bonus, sick time, and so on. File it under “better than nothing” I suppose. *shrug*