Home Again

Back in Cleveland. Not sure how I feel about that. Good to be home, I guess. But another couple days away would have been nice.

Amazingly, the drive home managed to be worse than the drive out. First, I apparently missed a turn somewhere in New Hampshire and ended up off course. I found my way back on course, but I spent some time lost in the forests of New Hampshire. Then one of the state routes in Vermont was closed due to an accident, so I had to go off course another time. Once again, I managed to find my way back on track but spent a bit of time lost in Vermont. Then I missed another turn in Vermont due to the fact that Google listed the road by it's route number, but the little Podunk town's signs only listed the road's name and not route number. Grr. (Wasn't a problem on the way in as it was a t-junction and I just had to turn when it dead-ended.)

Then it got better for a bit. As I was approaching Syracuse I was making really good time, in spite of the couple little side adventures. I was tracking to get back to Cleveland by 8:00-9:00 at that point, so I decided to keep on keeping on and go all the way home yesterday.

Big mistake.

By the time I got to Rochester, the weather had taken a really nasty turn. Heavy snows, whiteout conditions at times, really heavy winds. The worst that winter had to offer. It was hit and miss, I hit these nasty bands outside Rochester, again outside Buffalo, and then the worst of it as I entered Ohio. But the nasty bits were punctuated by pretty calm, even clear, weather. So I soldiered on. A couple different long traffic jams on the turnpike to due multi-car pileups and semi trucks flipped over in ditches further delayed me. Fun stuff.

So I ended up getting home close to 11:00pm. Bleh. 15 hours of driving in one day, especially in the conditions I had to deal with, is a bit much. But I'm home. Exhausted but refreshed. Ready to go back.

It's weird. I feel different now. Don't know how to explain it, like the person that came down the mountain wasn't the same person that went up it. *shrug* I dunno…