Climbing That Mountain, Part 3: The Pictures

Time for the pictures, as promised! Again, it's easier to see what's going on if you click them and view the full size versions.

The first photo is of me practicing self-arrest by sliding down one of the ski trails. Self-arrest is basically learning how to stop yourself from sliding with the ice axe, should you slip and fall. There's different techniques for the various combinations of feet-first/head-first and face-down/face-up. Thankfully I never needed to use these techniques, but there were a couple close calls. So, good to know.

Mt. Washington 1

These next two are from early in the day. The first is just of a pretty waterfall braking through the snow pack. To give a better idea of how steep the slopes got higher up the mountain, just look at the incline above the waterfall. It was like that, steeper even on a couple of occasions.

The second is just of me stripping off a layer to help regulate body temperature. Very important to stay at the right temperature, if you get cold your body burns energy to warm you up, but if you get too warm you start to sweat. Sweat is bad. Sweat is wet, and wet is cold.

These were both still at the hiking portion of the climb, no crampons or anything at this point, just boots. You can see the general slope of the hiking trail in the second photo. Steep enough to really give you a workout, that's for sure.

Mt. Washington 2

Mt. Washington 3

Finally, this last picture is from later in the ascent. At this point the ice pick and crampons were out as things were getting pretty steep. This was one of the shallower parts of the climb, it got much steeper as we trekked on. There were some really tricky parts where it got briefly near vertical on occasion.

Mt. Washington 4

So that's it. I wish there were more, but photo taking wasn't really a priority. *laugh*