More Tivo Errata

It would seem the Tivo is trying it's hardest to convince me to dump the service and move to a Myth TV box. After the debacle earlier in the week, where it filled up the hard drive with a seemingly endless stream of soap operas via Tivo Suggestions, I'm already a bit irritated with it. Now it's misbehaving again.

First, it wouldn't let me delete a program. I went in three times and told it to delete the show, and it acted like it was going to, but then didn't. It was only after I watched something else and went back a fourth time that it finally deleted the program has requested.

Next, it deleted a show when I didn't even ask it to. I deleted one program, and going back up to the program list I saw the little 'X' next to the program it was deleted, and then another 'X' next to another show I hadn't even told it to delete. Sure enough, both were gone a moment later! I had a show that I knew was on the box go missing earlier in the week, now I know where it went.

Now, it's recording something in the Tivo Suggestions list that I don't want. No big deal, it does that sometimes and I just tell it to stop and be done with it. Not today. I've tried six times to make it stop, and it won't. I have to leave it recording just to delete it when it's done anyway.

I'm very much getting close to the end of my ropes with this thing right now. Time to dump it and move on?