My Tivo Has Lost It’s Mind

Usually, my Tivo only records one or two “suggestions” each day, I've had it long enough that it's gotten pretty well trained. Until today, that is. Over the last 24 hours or so it recorded about 20 new suggestions, and most of it makes no sense at all.

It recorded ballroom dancing, a biopic on some basketball star, a couple of movies, and (worst of all) about a dozen soap operas. I've never indicated I like anything even close to any of this stuff, especially soap operas. So why record ten to twelve damn hours of this shit?

The predictive recording was one of the features I really like about a Tivo over something like MythTV, but if it's going to start fliping out and filing up a quarter of the space in the DVR with junk it becomes a less compelling feature.

Ah well, I've been pondering the switch to HD sometime over the next few months anyway. In which case, unless prices on their HD box come down dramatically between now and then, the Tivo is gone. $800 for just the hardware is asinine, and then there's still monthly charges on top of it. I could buy a pre-built dual-tuner HD Myth TV box for the same price, and get much more flexibility to boot.

I'll miss the suggestions feature though. (Assuming it stops flipping out, that is.)