I Guess I’m Kinda Committed Now…

I’ve now spent many hundreds of dollars on mountaineering gear, so I guess I’m kinda committed to taking my trip and giving it a try now. It’s mostly just clothing so far, I got most of my layers and my shell, but I’m still in for almost a grand now. Yikes!

I am starting to get a little iffy on the idea of driving up there though. Google and Yahoo both put the drive somewhere between 11 and 12 hours, which is bad enough. On top of that, it’s only a reasonably direct drive through Rochester, at which point it starts getting off the main highways and onto a lot of state routes. Sticking to the major interstates would pretty much require driving east all the way to Boston, and then turning North to head up to New Hampshire.

But I’m sure I’ll stick with the driving idea. I’m spending enough money as it is without adding airfare into the equation, and as long as I split the drive up (at least on the way up) over two days, it won’t be so bad.

Now i just need to get around to calling and making the actual reservation. One day this week for sure.