Cleaning Up My Music Folder

Currently, my music folder is a mess. It's filled with close to 200 songs in various states of completion. Some of them are done, most of them are works-in-progress. So I'm begun the process of working my way back through it all to finally clean it all up and get it organized.

Right now it's just one big folder filled with stuff. Whenever I start a new track I just name the file as that day's date so I don't have to be bothered with trying to come up with a name right away, especially as it may never turn into a finished song anyway. I'm sticking with that system, but working things into sub-folders.

So I'm going through, track by track, and filtering things. Most tracks I'm breaking into separate loops (in a huge “Loop Library” folder I've created) and then deleting. The stuff that's actually finished is getting moved to a “Finished Songs” folder. The few songs that I'm legitimately still working on gets moved to a “Works In Progress” folder.

I've only gotten through about the first 20 songs or so, but I'm already feeling much more organized. Plus, I've now got this growing folder of loops to pull from, which will hopefully help me out when I get stuck trying to finish something.