New Track: Poverty Of Self

“Loneliness is the poverty of self; solitude is the richness of self.”
-May Sarton

That pretty much sums up the mindset behind this track. My struggle with crossing too far over that line from solitude to loneliness, something I’ve grappled with far too much with lately. This is about finding where that line even is, so that I can work at stepping back across it.

This is the end product of that bit of Teutonic minimalism (that’s oh-so hot with the kids these days) that I blogged about a little bit back. Thankfully it didn’t end up nearly as trendy as it began, though it’s still a bit… timely?

The arrangement on this one came pretty easy, pretty much just one revision there. Nailed it, more or less, the first pass through. The mix though… that kicked my ass. I’ve been tweaking that for the past few days, working it from the state of complete ass where it began into the much improved final mix you hear here.

Now, I need to make sure it doesn’t take ten more months until I finish anything else…

Download (128k MP3) here: Poverty Of Self