MacBook Pro Impressions

Speaking of $3,000 manifestations of unhappiness…

I'm really impressed with my new MacBook Pro so far. It's not without it's flaws, but it's overall the nicest computer I've ever owned. Certainly the first (and perhaps only?) time I've ever bought the current top-of-the-line (read: most expensive) Mac one could buy.

It's fast. Damn fast. I haven't done any official tests, but Ableton Live seems noticably faster. As do the various Native Instruments synths. I couldn't find a patch in NI's Massive that overloaded the CPU, where there were a number of them that did so on my G5. Even Photoshop, which is not Intel native and therefore has to run in emulation, seemed quite usable. Ditto all the Microsoft Office apps.

Running Ableton Live in fullscreen mode on it is just stunning, I am now in love with widescreen displays. Traktor is equally impressive, especially with the backlit keyboard making it easier to see what you're doing. I can't wait to finally start doing some new DJ mixes with Traktor again. I'm definitely in the mood to throw down some bangin' Detroit stuff right about now. *grin*

Though, I should mention that the backlight can actually make it harder to see the keyboard at times. In a dark room, if you have something really bright on the screen the glare from the screen combines with the backlight and washes out the keys altogether. But it's a minor annoyance, most of the time it's very helpful.

It does run a little hot, though it seems cooler than my old G3 iBook. I bought one of those lap risers/protectors to keep it from resting directly on my lap, which also helps dissipate some of the heat. Still, after running for a bit (particularly with CPU-intensive apps) it gets pretty damn warm.

I'm hard at work migrating everything from the G5 over to the laptop, and so far everything seems to be working nearly flawlessly. I'm hoping to get everything completely migrated as quickly as possible so I can get rid of the G5 before it completely depreciates! There's a few issues I'm still trying to decide how to handle/resolve, but that's a whole different rambling post. *laugh*

Hopefully I'll get all this MacBook Pro stuff out of my system soon and quit rambling on about it. Kinda tired of filling my blog with nothing but gearlust lately. I'll stop soon, I promise!