Buyer’s Remorse? Yeah, I Have A Little

I finally did it yesterday. I bought the 17″ MacBook Pro I've been gearlusting after all these weeks. (Which hopefully means I'll stop cluttering up this blog with all these MacBook postings. *laugh*)

I'm already feeling a bit of that buyer's remorse after making such a mojor purchase. Thinking about all the other things I could have done with that money. Taken that trip to Nepal. Paid off a significant chunk of my outstanding debt. Just saving it. And on and on… Wondering what happened to my ideal of valuing experiences over possessions. All that kind of stuff…

On the flip side, assuming I follow through on my self-vow, I'll get a lot of that money back when I sell off my iBook, G4, and G5. I'm busily transferring all my apps and data off the G5, and generally migrating my day-to-day computing to the laptop. It's going to take a while, a few weeks at least, but I'll get there and get clean out the old hardware soon enough.

I also love that I can lay back on the couch in front of the window, slap some headphones on, and make some music while the snow filtters past the window. How's that for an experience? I sit there, laughing at the latest episode of Mythbusters, and play a few rounds of Civilization IV. Feeling untethered is nice.


Yes, that's Half-Life 2. Running in the full widescreen resolution of the display. On a Mac. And it runs damn well, nearly as well as on my dedicated gaming PC, and looks beautiful doing it. Oblivion, on the other hand, makes a MacBook Pro cry. *laugh* It runs okay if I lower the resolution (which I have to do on my gaming PC too) but it looks too blurry running at a non-native resolution.