Still Drooling Over A New Mac

I cam across a link to this screencast this morning, and now I've got a case of gearlust for a new Intel Mac all the more!

It shows a couple of the new features for the new version of virtualization software Parallels. First, if you've used Apple's Boot Camp to dual boot the mac, you can now use the Windows partition with Parallels, rather than having to install a separate version of Windows on a virtual drive. Second, you can both drag-and-drop and copy/paste files, text, etc. between Windows and OS X.

But the big one for me is that Parallels can now hide the Windows desktop and run Windows apps right alongside the Mac apps, as if they were running directly in OS X. So Windows and Mac apps share the same desktop space, allowing them to run alongside each other seamlessly. Wow.

Damn… I don't know if I can wait until after January's MacWorld to buy a new MacBook Pro now! (Though, I don't really see an updated MacBook pro coming. So it's probably safe to buy now.)