An Early Christmas Present For Myself

Though I usually avoid black Friday shopping like the black plague, I nonetheless found myself at the local Guitar Center first thing this morning and just couldn't resist buying myself a little early Christmas present while I was there.

So I picked myself up a new Jackson guitar. I've been wanting to pick up a second guitar for a while now. The Ibanez I have now has a floating bridge so it doesn't handle the lower drop-tunings I've been playing around with lately too well, the tuning stability is not so hot. The new Jackson has a fixed bridge so that will be the new drop-tuned guitar and the old Ibanez can go back to standard tuning. Plus, I do like playing stuff other than the heavy drop-tuned metal stuff a lot, so having both options available at any given time will be nice.

I've also realized this is the first new guitar I've bought in almost 20 years! My old Ibanez has served me so well, I've just never really needed to buy anything else. So, I have to admit, I'm not in a huge rush to throw the heavier gauge strings on the Jackson and tune it down just yet. I'm having some fun playing with my new toy for a little bit first. *smile*

My New Guitar