A Good Sign, I Guess…

Yeah, Robot Chicken can still make me smile, laugh even, so things must not be as bad as it seemed last night. Still feeling pretty down, just not so hopeless any more. (Oh yeah, Dogma is cracking me up pretty well right now too.)

I will say though, that with two of my three siblings now having gotten cancer, I'm feeling a little motivated to go and get a checkup/screening of my own. Let's see… the one sister who hasn't gotten cancer is the one I share a father with, and there's no history of cancer (that I know of) on his side. The two I share a mother with though… two for two. As my mom is adopted I have no idea what kind of history there is on that side.

So I'm feeling kinda “high risk” about now.

I was kinda on the fence about accepting a permanent position at the company I'm contracting with come New Years, but now I think the included heath care might be a good thing to have. Once I've got the insurance to pay for it, I'll definitely be heading in for a look-see.