What’s Up With My Tivo?

I woke up this morning to find that my Tivo had recorded about 10 hours worth of stuff from HGTV. It's never recorded anything like that before, I haven't been watching or recording anything like that, so what made it decide I wanted to watch that stuff? And it hasn't recorded that many programs on it's own since the first week I had it. Why go nuts now?

I can only think of two things. One, I was pretty lazy this week and spent a lot of time watching stuff from my Tivo Suggestions list. Since I watched and subsequently deleted a bunch of hours of shows from it's Suggestions folder, maybe it decided to fill it back up? (Mind you, there's still 16 recordings in that folder, even after deleting all the unwanted shows.) Second, I actually changed a few ratings yesterday, and added quite a few new ones. Perhaps that made it re-calculate it's predictive algorithms and try some new stuff as a result?

Regardless of the whys, I will have to confess it did find one show I was kinda interested in and kept. Not a very good average, one out of ten or so, but it did find something. (Though, I'd chalk it up to luck more than a successful implementation of any algorithms.)