On A Different Note

I'm growing increasingly frustrated with not having any place to listen to music in my apartment other than the computer room. I'm suddenly in the mood today to blast some Soundgarden, but the only place I can listen to music (aside from carrying around my iPod, and the headphones just won't cut it) right now is in said computer room. That's also the only room that shares a wall with a neighbor, so if I crank it up enough to hear through the rest of the apartment it's also loud enough to really annoy the neighbor.

If my work situation were a little more stable I'd probably run out today and pick up one of those iPod Hi-Fi systems from Apple. Sounds good, looks cool, and could easily be moved between living room and bedroom as needed.

(So maybe it's good that I'm feeling frugal right now. For the $350 an iPod Hi-Fi costs I could get an average quality home theater/surround system and an iPod Dock and A/V cables to connect it all up. And it would be so much more flexible than the Hi-Fi with it's one measly input. Apple product lust can be such a dangerous thing. *laugh*)