Getting My Chops Back

I’ve been endeavoring to practice a bit on my guitar each night in an effort to get my old skills back in shape, and I’ve found I can still play all the things I used to I just can’t play them as cleanly. I’m a bit sloppy and my timing isn’t always so hot either. One thing that’s definitely not up to snuff any more is my wrist strength, especially as I’ve started playing the heavier stuff lately. To get that crunchy chugga-chugga tone that’s all the rage you really have to dig in and pick hard, which really wears on the wrist (even more so when I start doing some of those heavy downpicked patterns, effectively doubling the wrist motions.) Ouch.

Sheesh, you’d think wrist strength wouldn’t be an issue for a guy that’s been without a steady girlfriend for as long as I have. *laugh*