OMG! Crumbsuckers!

So, as I've already mentioned, I've been listening to a lot of heavy music lately. One of the bands I've been on a binge with is Pro-Pain, whose drummer and bass player used to be part of 80's hardcore/metal crossover legends The Crumbsuckers. So I got to wondering what ever happened to the rest of the band, which let me to a bit of searching around the web. I come to find out they just did a 20th anniversary show a couple weeks ago in NYC!

I kinda wish I'd known about it ahead of time, they were one of my favorite bands back in the day and I never got to see them way back when, so I would have actually considered driving out to NYC to catch the show. I probably wouldn't have, but it would have been fun to at least entertain the idea for a bit. No further reunions are planned, so it was a now or nothing proposition.

Okay, I need to make sure I have their first record, Life Of Dreams, on my iPod for tomorrow. I can tell I'm gonna be in the mood for slamming some Crumbsuckers now. *smile*