Today’s New Musical Re-discovery

Today, courtesy of my new hotness iPod, I’ve re-discovered Suicidal Tendencies. Strictly the old stuff, when they were at their best. Brings back so many memories of being young and dumb, like skating around town with the Join The Army cassette in my Walkman and, when Possessed To Skate would come on, getting the wild idea that I was Stacy Peralta or Tony Alva and, ultimately, wiping out and tearing the shit out of myself. So many cuts, so many bruises.

Fond memories of the DIY Suicidal tees as well. We all thought we were so cool drawing the ST logo and some kind of skull or skeleton all over our white shirts and jean jackets (a national trend that was documented on the cover of the first ST record as well as, if I recall correctly, the movie Repo Man.)

All I wanted was a Pepsi….