Another Miscellanea Post

Another Miscellanea Post

First bit…

I’ve gotten a chance to listen to the new Ministy record, Rio Grande Blood a few times now, and I’m quite impressed. That’s two good ones in a row for Al! He seems to be going back and re-making his most successful records in order. 2004’s Houses of the Mole was much like a modernized version of The Land of Rape And Honey, and now this one feels much like The Mind Is A Terrible Thing To Taste. I wonder if his next one will continue the trend and evoke Psalm 69?

It’s as political as the last one too. Dubya has certainly gotten under Al’s skin and made him quite angry, and seems to be doing quite a good job at inspiring him to make some solid music. So, I guess the jackass-in-charge has at least accomplished something useful. *laugh*

Next bit…

As I mentioned briefly last night, the new Half-Life game, Half-Life 2: Episode 1, is amazing. Valve Software have certainly given the fanboys what they want: all Alyx, all the time! She plays a major role in this episode, and they’ve done a marvelous job of fleshing out the character even further. Most fully realized artificial character since Gollum, IMHO. Some laugh out loud moments mixed in with tons of action. Top notch.

I’m now fully convinced of the benefits behind episodic gaming. Bring on Episode 2 and 3! *smile* $20 for 4-6 hours of gameplay is well worth it, if it’s 4-6 hours of this kind of gameplay (as opposed to, say… Sin Episodes.)

I do wonder if they’re having a little fun at ID Software’s expense though, the flashlight-in-the-dark sequence is very evocative of Doom 3, and I sense a little bit of the old tongue-in-cheek throughout it.

And finally…

Just a big smile and a bigger sigh, followed by a glance over the shoulder. S’all good.