More New Music

Though it won’t interest, well… pretty much anybody who reads this blog (that I know of) the new VoiVod record, Katorz, is amazing. Best stuff they’ve done since Killing Technology in my opinion, but I’m more of an old school VoiVod fan. I saw them on both the War And Pain and Rrroooaaarrr tours, back in their theatrical days with the gas masks, leather and spikes, and military garb (and I’m now feeling old as I realize that was more than 20 years ago!) so that was the VoiVod that I grew up on.

It’s nice to hear former Metallica bassist Jason Newsted finally getting a chance to shine, this proves that he was being held back as a musician by the Metallica machine (though, you could kinda tell by listening to his playing on the one Flotsam and Jetsam record he did before joining Metallica as well.) I saw a clip of him sitting around backstage and jamming with Zakk Wylde (this was back when he was touring with Ozzy) and the dude has got some chops.

Great way to end a long career for them, they went out on top. Rest in peace Piggy, you earned it…