Yeah? Patch this…

A patch was released for Sin Episodes: Emergence today, and among the many bugs it listed as fixed was one where the auto difficulty system wasn’t working properly. Apparently, it was making things stupidly difficult in many cases. Well, duh. As I already lamented in an earlier post, the game got frustratingly hard as it went on. Impossibly so, even.

It would seem that the game made things harder when you were kicking some ass, but when you got your ass kicked it wouldn’t let up. So the game would just get harder and harder as you played.

I played it for a bit after the patch was applied, and it seemed quite a bit easier already. I guess the patch worked. The patch doesn’t change the fact that the game is, at it’s core, a generic first-person shooter and a woefully uninspired Half-Life 2 clone. But at least it’s not irritatingly hard any more.

I suppose if I was really desperate for something to play when Episode 2 comes out I might throw them another twenty bucks, but I wouldn’t bet on it. *shrug*