A Few Random And Disconnected Things

None of these were really worthy of a post unto themselves, and I haven’t posted anything in several days, so here they go:

Thing No.1

I had really wanted to get a new DJ mix done this weekend, but I blew it. I just never got around to doing it, though I did get everything set up and configured and prepped and whatever else I needed to do in advance. So, at this point, I only need to turn everything on and press play. Hopefully one night this week.

Thing No.2

I read today that Silicon Graphics has filed for bankruptcy. Rather sad, really. Once upon a time they were the kings of beautiful computer design. Now, any desktop Mac (or PC for that matter) has more processing power than SGI’s refrigerator-sized supercomputers of ten years ago. It’s not the end, they hope to re-organize and get back on their feet, but their niche is gone so they better have some pretty clever ideas up their sleeve.

Thing No.3

I finally finished the main quest in Oblivion yesterday. Roughly fifty hours of gameplay to do it, but it’s done. I’ve still got dozens of side quests to do, but with the main story resolved it feels kinda anticlimactic to play it any more. Besides, the first part of Sin:Episodes is released tomorrow, so that should keep me busy for a bit. Plus, I still need to go back and finish Tomb Raider: Legends, so it may be finally time for an Oblivion break. (No Jimmy, I still won’t try World of Warcraft. *laugh* )

Thing No.4

I think I’ve finished up just about everything with the blog re-design. If you find anything that looks odd or broken, let me know so I can fix it! There may a few little things straggling about, but I think I at least got all the major stuff out of the way. The whole thing isn’t too retro-70’s I hope.

And I think I’ll close off with one of those cryptic messages…

Strange things are afoot. New, exciting things. I’ll say no more. For now…