On Creativity

I’ve managed to make the time a couple days this week to sit down and mess around with my MachineDrum this week. I’ve still not entirely re-discovered that creative fuel that I lost, but it’s a start.

I’ve challenged myself to write a song using nothing but the MD, try to pull forth some unknown or lost ideas from the forgotten corners of my mind by limiting my palette. Force myself to work in different ways due to the limitations of the tool.

It’s broken me free from the “pick a minor chord, find a good patch, add some delay, filter and tweak” rut that I’ve been in. Things are, by the MD’s nature, more percussive and minimal. So far though, it’s also locked me into the basic “boom-check” techno beats that just kinda come out naturally when tapping out patterns on sixteen little pads.

I’ll break free… in time…