Great New Music

Came across some great new music last night. I had actually heard about them a couple months back, but just finally got around to checking them out yesterday. The group is called Konono No. 1, and they’re a group of musicians from the Congo in Africa. It’s rooted in more traditional African-style music, but offers a very different spin on it, going way beyond the usual.

Their instruments are almost all hand-made, usually from junk like pots, pans, discarded car parts, basically whatever they could find. Microphones built from old magnets. True DIY stuff here. The sound they make is unreal, actually reminding me at times of some of the more tribal Plastikman stuff (think “Panikattack”). But, where Richie Hawtin is going out of his way to try to be “experimental”, these folks are just making music the only way they can. This is different out of necessity, not some pretentious desire to be avante garde. Punk as fuck.

Better info, along with some photos can be found here. Highly recommended.