Oblivion? More Like Obsession!

I think Bethesda Games may have misnamed their latest game. It should have been called The Elder Scrolls IV: Obsession rather than The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, and it should have come with a little glass pipe. I’m hooked and spending way too much time playing it.

I do believe I may have to meter my time here. Limit myself to a certain amount each day, and stop when I reach it no matter what. I played about 2 hours the first night, and (thanks to getting off work a little early yesterday) I played for about 3 hours last night. (Man… how long is this game? I’ve got about 5 hours in and I’ve completed only the first task for the main quest!)

I’m already completely sucked in and I know I’ll start neglecting other things if I don’t pull back a little here. I haven’t worked on any music in a couple weeks already as it is (yeah, yeah, I know… for all the rocks I’ve thrown at my fellow right-brained friends on this topic, I seem to have moved into a glass house now.) I didn’t meditate at all the last two nights now. Haven’t done any reading. And so on…

Damn you, Bethesda. Damn you.

(Oh yeah, definitely need more memory, the lag has gotten really annoying. And, the game seems to be maintaining a persistent state so far. Yesterday, I walked back down a path that I’d visited the day before (several days in game time) and the corpse of the bandit I killed before was still there, along with all the loot he dropped. Very cool.)