Much Better Now

Thanks to a dead DVD drive, I had to run to Best Buy today anyway, so I picked up an extra gig of RAM while I was there. Damn, that made all the difference in the world with Oblivion. No more lag or temporarily abysmal framerates moving from area to area. Runs like a dream now! w00t!

As a bonus, I can now play Half-Life 2 with high-res textures and remain stutter free, so I’m ready for the expansion next month! Before the memory upgrade I had a t-t-t-t-terrible st-st-stuttering prob-ob-ob-oblem when I enabled-ed-ed-ed high-res t-t-t-t-textures-s-s-s.

Now I’m wondering how much faster Civilization IV would run with the extra RAM. But I will resist… it took me a very long time to kick that habit so I won’t be toking on that glass pipe again, at least not until it’s expansion is released later this year. *smile*