Well, That’s A Little Disappointing

The announcement was made today by the recently re-formed Pop Will Eat Itself (one of my favorite bands of all time) that they are now officially broken up again. They had done a series of live shows in England a few months back, and had announced they were going into the studio to work on some material, but it seems they can’t get their schedules to align and can’t devote the proper time to doing it right, so they’ve chosen to just not do it at all.

Not surprising really, Clint Mansell, for one, has made quite a career doing soundtrack and has become quite in demand (he’s done Pi, Requiem For A Dream, The Hole, Knockaround Guys and Doom, among others.)

Still, three of the guys have also announced a new project so that’s good news. Especially as one is Graham Crabb, who has done very little since PWEI’s last collapse, so it’ll be good to finally get some new material from him!

PWEI is dead, long live PWEI…