Boy, Did I Need That…

I attended a drum circle, or “Rhythmic Motivation” as it was more officially referred to, with my friend Mindy yesterday. (Full details on the program are here.) That was just what I needed right now! A few days back, I had expressed a desire to return to exploring the more visceral and performance-based world of music by getting out and banging on some pipes and oil drums, old-school industrial style, and, while this wasn’t that, it was still that powerful, tribal kind of experience I was seeking.

Further, it did a wonderful job of unifying the musician and the Buddhist sides of persona, as it dealt a lot with the concepts of mindfulness and being in the moment, letting go of all the outside interferences and thoughts and putting the past and future out of your mind. Meditative at times. It wasn’t ever really put in Buddhist terms, but I recognized it all. *smile*

And he put forth the wonderful concept of “investing” your time, rather than “spending” it. Something I was already doing, and thinking about, but I hadn’t had it solidified in those kinds of terms for me yet. When I’m just sitting there watching television, or surfing the web, or playing a video game, I’m just spending my time. Once I’m done with that activity, I have little to show for it. If I’m meditating, writing, drawing, creating music, studying… all these things are investments. They make me a better person, make the world around me a better place. All things that I will have something to show for, and that will return wonderful things to me for the rest of my life. (I could digress about how the aforementioned ways of “spending” could also be turned into investments, and they are many times for me, but I’ll skip that and save it for another post on another day. *laugh*)

Another bonus, it helped me find my focus and direction on my own creativity right now. A few days ago I lamented having “lost the muse” and was just dead inside, musically. I get it now, I need to get back to my roots a bit, and use them to push me forward into the future. I need to get away from sitting in front of the computer and clicking little boxes with a mouse and get back to actually performing things. I need to get out and buy a small keyboard controller so I can play stuff into the computer, rather than step-editing. I need to get my tiny home studio re-wired a bit so I can record some live guitar stuff. I need to invest in an inexpensive microphone, so I can record some of those more visceral, tribal types of things. Maybe even invest in some drums and other percussion over time?

All in all a great experience, a wonderful way to invest a Saturday afternoon’s time. All the better that I got to share in the experience with a cherished friend. So thanks to Mindy for suggesting it. And shame on you Jimmy for not coming along. *grin*