Gamer Nerd Alert!

Sorry, time to nerd out over another video game. *laugh*

I just read today that Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion has been declared gold and shipped off for production. It’s done and will be out the week of March 20th! w00t!

I’ve really been looking forward to this one, I mean… just look at the screenshots! Daaamn… Plus, there’s actually a really good game to go with the eye candy. Huge worlds to explore, very advanced AI driving the NPC’s, facial rendering and lip syncing to rival even Half-Life 2.

When I disappear from the end of March until some time in April (if not even longer) you now know why. This should keep me busy until Half-Life 2: Episode I comes out April 24th. *smile*

Plus, this has the added benefit that it will keep me off the World of Warcraft crack. No need to start that now! I’ll enjoy three more weeks of a video game-free life, because I know I’m going to get completely sucked into and addicted to Oblivion when it hits. Mmmm… pass the glass pipe…