My Messy Shelves

I spent some time looking at the shelves in my apartment last night, observing what a mess they are. There are things on them that just don't belong there. There are other things that (perhaps) belong on there but are on the wrong shelf. Things are scattered about randomly and without order, or when there is order it's done by the simplest and most easily implemented methodology, rather than what is best. They're dusty and in need of cleaning, especially those forgotten shelves in the back, the ones that aren't so easy to reach.

They are in desperate need of being stripped down and emptied out, and then thoroughly cleaned and re-organized. Get things in a proper order. Get things on their proper shelves. Get the stuff out of there that doesn't belong. Mercifully, this will be an easy weekend project some time soon.

Then I got to meditating on the whole thing, and examining how like those shelves my mind, heart and soul have become. And how, in all my focus on getting my physical form in shape lately, I've lost focus on keeping my (more important) mental form in equal shape.

If only it were as easy to clean my mental shelves.