Still Losing Weight

My original weight loss goal had been 40 pounds, but I plateaued at 30 a few weeks back so decided the "diet" was over. I've completely and permanently changed my eating habits, and I know what I can eat and how much of it. Those changes are for good, but I did stop keeping a food journal, stopped counting calories and stopped the daily weigh-ins. I still plan to weigh myself every week or so, just to make sure things are staying where they're supposed to, but I've made a permanent change of habit, so the daily and continuous monitoring isn't really needed any more.

That said, I stepped on the scale today for the first time in almost two weeks and discovered I'd dropped 5 more pounds! This brings my total weight loss to 35 pounds! I started in on an exercise regimen this week, so I'm guessing that had a lot to do with the loss. Sheesh, I'm not even trying to lose weight and I'm still shedding pounds (hate me if you must.) I guess I'll have to up my food intake a little so I don't turn all anorexic, or perhaps I'll just let myself splurge on those big meals a little more often instead (which will fall in line with some other ideas I have for other changes that I'll ramble more about later.)

I had to get my employee ID out for the first time in months Friday night when I went back into work (grr) and noticed how different I looked. That photo was taken back before I started the weight loss, when I weighed my heaviest ever, and I can finally see the difference! I hadn't realized how heavy I looked back then, nice to see it's made a difference! w00t!