Go New Horizons!

Nice to see NASA's New Horizons probe has finally launched and begun it's journey to Pluto. I'm personally very excited to finally learn more about mysterious Pluto, even if I will have to wait until 2015 (when the probe's 9 year journey is complete.) Even though I'm of the crowd that doesn't consider Pluto a planet, it's still an intriguing enigma that I'm going to love seeing unraveled. Even more interesting should be what the probe will reveal about the Kuiper belt after it's done with little Pluto and it's littler buddy Charon (not to mention it's other potential satellites!)

Between the Mars rovers, Cassini/Huygens showing Saturn, Titan and it's other moons, and now New Horizons getting under way, this is quite the exciting time for astronomy nerds like me. :-)