Tough Times At Record Time

Well, looks like the dance room at the Ferndale Record Time outside Detroit has closed. I only visited it on a couple of occasions, but always found good stuff when I did. Plus, it’s a piece of techno (and Detroit) history.

The official word from Record Time head honcho Mike Himes:

(with a spot of spelling fixes)

Recently we made the very tough decision to close the dance room and put all product onto the sales floor as we have had success with in Ferndale. I had been struggling with this decision for almost 2 years as the room had been slowly losing sales and traffic. With this decision came something that made total sense on paper and on a business level but tore my heart as it was my baby and vision and had done so much for us and the community it served. It’s 2005 and the climate for dance vinyl is changing fast and although it is hard I had to face the writing on the wall and make the decision to close the room and move forward. This meant that Mike Huckaby, a dedicated and respected manager and DJ had to be let go.

In a perfect world the room would be there forever but today the way people acquire music is changing fast and technology which was once my friend is now taking business away from me at a rapid rate. The DJ in a box craze is over, final scratch and the laptop DJ systems are used by almost 50% of DJ’s today and the “good” music has gone back underground.

In the past 5 years 70% of all independent record stores have closed as again music is being acquired in different ways that skip people like me. I don’t want to be part of that statistic so I must do what I have to and unfortunately closing the dance room is a step I took to not be included in that stat.

For 22 years I have been part of this community and our allegiance to the electronic music scene has not been equaled by anyone else and I find it sad that people would think I would turn my back on something that is so very special to me and this is why I am writing this note. Some of my best friends and most cherished moments are from the work we have done with and for this great music community. The dance room is closed and things change but what will never change is my commitment to support our local scene especially the electronic scene. We are planning on still carrying the music and supporting it and the mail order business is still alive and busier than ever.

I guess that’s all I have.

Thank you all for your support
Mike Himes

Sad, but it’s not an end. They do still carry the same vinyl as they did before, it just doesn’t have it’s own dedicated room any more.