Half-Life 2? You’re Number 2 Now…

I noticed today that, according to my X-Fire stats, The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion has taken over the top spot from Half-Life 2 as my most played game. I have now played Oblivion for 86 hours, compared to just 85 hours for HL2. Now, with HL2 that includes at least 4 play throughs, a lot … [Read more…]

I Heart Valve Software

You'll have to indulge me in one last bit of game geekery before I leave, because Valve Software made a couple of big announcements this week! First and foremost, they finally unveiled the long-delayed Team Fortress 2. This game has been in development so long, many wondered if it would ever see the light of … [Read more…]

Another Miscellanea Post

Another Miscellanea Post First bit… I’ve gotten a chance to listen to the new Ministy record, Rio Grande Blood a few times now, and I’m quite impressed. That’s two good ones in a row for Al! He seems to be going back and re-making his most successful records in order. 2004’s Houses of the Mole … [Read more…]

OMG! One More Day!

*bounces in chair* One more day until Half-Life 2: Episode 1 comes out! One more day! w00t! It makes me want to go into work really early tomorrow so I can go home and play it as soon as it’s unlocked! “Rise and shine, Mr. Freeman. Rise and shine.” “Why, whatever do you mean? I … [Read more…]

Yeah? Patch this…

A patch was released for Sin Episodes: Emergence today, and among the many bugs it listed as fixed was one where the auto difficulty system wasn’t working properly. Apparently, it was making things stupidly difficult in many cases. Well, duh. As I already lamented in an earlier post, the game got frustratingly hard as it … [Read more…]

More Random Bits

I’m trying to take all these random (and perhaps somewhat trite) postings and combine them every few days, rather than post nonsense day after day. If it was important enough, I’ll remember it for the few days it inevitably takes to build up enough of them for a full post. If not, well… I probably … [Read more…]

Some Random Bits Of Pop Culture

My favorite new bit of music right now is Hakan Lidbo’s “From Hackney To Caracas“. It’s a blend of tech-house and Latin rhythms, mixed with bits of the soundtrack from a b-grade 60’s spy movie. Completely off the wall, and equally brilliant. Something akin to a structured version of Mr.Bungle’s “California“, but sans vocals or … [Read more…]

OMG! I Want One!

Valve Software has just released a life-size stuffed toy version of the headcrabs from Half-Life & Half-Life 2! I’m really resisting the temptation to nerd out and order one. But I packed away all my kitsch when I moved and vowed to keep it packed away in the new place and not clutter up another … [Read more…]

I Heart Nintendo

First off, they've officially begun releasing the popular Japanese "brain games" here in the states. These are games that provide you a variety of different mental exercises and challenges to help keep your brain in shape. Most even go so far as to grade you and track your progress. I've been drooling over these ever … [Read more…]

So Much For Kicking The Habit

Well… I got off work early again yesterday and spent another 3-4 hours last night playing Oblivion. I also woke up really early today and had some time to kill, so I played for about an hour again this morning. It’s official. I’m hooked. Addicted, even. Man, this game is huge. With the amount of … [Read more…]

Much Better Now

Thanks to a dead DVD drive, I had to run to Best Buy today anyway, so I picked up an extra gig of RAM while I was there. Damn, that made all the difference in the world with Oblivion. No more lag or temporarily abysmal framerates moving from area to area. Runs like a dream … [Read more…]

Oblivion? More Like Obsession!

I think Bethesda Games may have misnamed their latest game. It should have been called The Elder Scrolls IV: Obsession rather than The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, and it should have come with a little glass pipe. I’m hooked and spending way too much time playing it. I do believe I may have to meter … [Read more…]

Suitably Impressed

Yes, I’m about to talk about that damn video game again. Not that I’m obsessed or anything. *grin* I managed to actually find a copy of The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion last night (I think I took the last copy available anywhere in Cleveland, or so it would seem) and spent some time starting on … [Read more…]

Gamer Nerd Alert!

Sorry, time to nerd out over another video game. *laugh* I just read today that Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion has been declared gold and shipped off for production. It’s done and will be out the week of March 20th! w00t! I’ve really been looking forward to this one, I mean… just look at the screenshots! … [Read more…]