Everest Trek 2009 Journal For May 4th

I’m finally getting around to typing up and posting my paper journals from the Everest Trek 2009, and this is the first of many. I’ve decided to keep them intact and do only a minimal amount of editing, mostly to fix minor things like grammar or sentence structure. It got worse and worse the higher we got, and the less oxygen I had reaching my brain. So here’s the first entry, from May 4th:

Waking up to my first full day in Kathmandu. I’m here! I made it! Today and tomorrow will be spent exploring Kathmandu, then it’s off on the trek on the 6th.

Met most of the rest of the participants yesterday and last night. Damn fine bunch, the lot of ’em! Can’t wait to meet the final two (Steven Beatty and Jeff Coe) this morning. Sadly, one participant won’t be making it due to breaking her ankle right before leaving for the trek. I can’t even imagine the heartbreak she must be feeling!


I already miss my family and friends, but that’s to be expected I suppose. Hopefully I can make a call home soon, if only to let Mom know I’ve made it safe and alive, and to say hi to Anne and hear her voice for a few minutes. Thankfully I have a good luck trinket from her to keep her and the rest of home near to my thoughts and heart over the coming weeks.

Arriving at the hotel last night was fun. We had several people filming and photographing us as we arrived and disembarked from the bus. It felt a bit like being a celebrity with the paparazzi stalking us! Strange experience, that. Now, it’s off to breakfast and the beginning of the first day of our adventure!

So that covers it for day one. I think back to how different my expectations for the trek were from what ended up being the reality of it. I ended up with so much more than I could have imagined at this point, and so much different an experience than I could ever have imagined. Simply wonderful.