Six Months With World of Warcraft

This week marks my six month anniversary as a World of Warcraft player. I’m proud to say that I’ve managed to avoid the compulsive obession that I feared I would have, a fear that kept me away from the game for so long. In fact, were it not for a red-ringed Xbox 360 leaving me with no gaming outlet, I probably would have never started playing. I’ve managed to keep it casual, and not dedicated too much of my time to it.

The fact that I’m still playing-and paying for-it after six months should indicate that I am enjoying it. It’s passive enough most of the time that I can sit on the couch and play it while watching television, general world questing doesn’t require a whole lot of focus or directed attention. It serves as a side distraction that keeps my mind more active, rather than just sitting inert and vegetating in front of the television set. But when I really want to dig and have a more intense, focused gaming experience, it offers that as well. I can just hop into an instance and the whole game changes.

I’m still looking forward to eventually hitting the max level and playing the endgame content, but that’s been a moving target for me. It was 70 when I started, but courtesy the most recent expansion it’s now 80. I’m still sitting at 66, so it’s not as if I’d be there either way. But it does mean it’s going to be a few more months before I get there now. My time is more split than ever, and I’ve got the whole Nepal/Everest thing coming up in May, so leveling is likely to be pretty slow for a while.

I do have things about it I don’t like though. Most notable of which is that I’ve never been a fan of PVP gaming, and I’m on a PVP server. The ganking and camping get annoying on occasion, but it’s worth dealing with to play on the same server as friends and for the top notch guild I’ve joined. (ABS FTW!) The other biggie being how static and unchanging the world can be. No matter what I do, everything is reset back to how it was before I got there in usually a matter of minutes. I understand the reasons behind it, and they’ve mitigated it a bit with phasing in the latest expansion, but it still makes all my effort feel a bit futile.

Still, those are minor issues in the greater scheme of things. All in all, it’s been a fun experience. I don’t regret hopping in and giving it a try at all, and I fully expect I’ll still be playing in another six months.