What I’ve Been Playing and Watching

I’ve started doing regular posts about what I’m listening to, both music and podcasts, but I realized that I’ve been neglecting what I’ve been playing and watching. Video games, television, movies, whatever. I spend as much time, if not more, on this stuff than I do on music, so why shouldn’t they get their own post? Plus, I’m kinda bored, so here it goes…


I finally finished up Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga about two weeks ago. I’ve had it sitting around since Christmas, when I got it for a gift, but have been so occupied with other games that I never finished it. There’s still a bunch of extra challenges and side levels to do, but I finished the main storyline and that’s good enough for now.

I started playing Marvel: Ultimate Alliance again as well, another neglected Christmas gift, but it’s not really grabbed me that much. It’s an okay game I guess, but I’m just not feeling it. Instead, I’ve been noodling around with various arcade games. Robotron, Xevious, et al. Given that Grand Theft Auto IV is less than two weeks away, I really don’t want to start anything until then. So I’m just killing time for now, until the epic time sink that is GTA IV hits and takes over my life for a while.

Mostly I’ve been back playing Marathon: Durandal again. This time I will admit that yes, I am achievement whoring. The obsessive compulsive in me is bothered every time I log onto the Xbox and see my gamerscore ending in an odd number, rather than a multiple of 5 like it should. Marathon is one of the rare games that doesn’t dish out all it’s achievements in multiples of 5, and one of it’s 14 point achievements is the cause of my OCD-tweaking gamerscore right now. So I’m going after that 21 point Marathon achievement that will balance things back out and set my warped psyche back at ease.

Said achievement is for accessing every computer terminal in the game, so I may have a big hill to climb. It at least remembers which ones you’ve read from game to game, so I just need to track down the ones I missed in my first play through. Hopefully they’re early in the game. I feel like such a dork sitting there with a checklist of all the terminals in the game, checking them off one-by-one as I find them, but that’s me and my compulsiveness.

Yeah, I’m a little weird.


Hooray! My Name Is Earl and The Office are back! The Office has been mostly back to form after weak start before the writer’s strike, as is My Name Is Earl. It seems the time off helped re-charge the writer’s batteries, or something. Neither are as good as they were when they were at their best, but they’re improved from the recent low points they both seemed to hit simultaneously.

One more week and Lost is back! Yes, I’m a Lost nerd now. Who knew renting one DVD from Netflix would lead to this addiction?

After months of recommendations by more than one friend, I finally got around to watching Top Gear. I’ve enjoyed it so far, a lot to say for someone who really isn’t a car person. I steered clear of it for a long time because it just seemed like car porn, and it is to some extent, but it’s still funny and entertaining regardless. Tivo season pass added.

With the Netflix backlog on the Battlestar Galactica Season 3 DVDs, I’ve finally gotten to start watching it. I could go on a long digression on the evils of regional DVD releases and why this was released months ago overseas but had to wait until two damn weeks before Season 4 started airing here in the states, but I won’t. Thankfully my Tivo is queuing up Season 4 while I get caught up. Anyway. I don’t get the hate for season 3, it’s been really good so far. I’m only five episodes in though, so it may be too early to pass an accurate judgment. Still, episodes 4 & 5 were among the show’s finest moments, in my opinion.

And that’s it for now.