It’s Been A Viva Pinata Kind Of Weekend

I seem to have become mildly obsessed with playing Viva Pinata this weekend. I know, I know… it's kinda supposed to be a kid's game. But it's really fun, and really relaxing. As I'm getting older I'm finding myself more and more attracted to slower paced, open-ended games like this. Games where you can't die, can't really lose, and never get frustrated.

After having recently given up on Saints Row and Crackdown because they just got too ridiculously hard, games like Viva Pinata or Carcassonne are a welcome change of pace. The colorful, lively environments are a nice change of pace from the bleak and drab worlds of games like Gears of War as well.

Mind you, I still enjoy the intense games, I just seek a little more balance that I used to. I'll certainly pick up Bioshock when that comes out in a few weeks, and Grand Theft Auto IV will be a must-buy come fall, but I'll be actively seeking out some less dark games in the interims.

Which reminds me, the latest Civilization IV expansion came out last week…