Good Week To Be A Geek?

It’s shaping up to be a pretty interesting week for a geek like me…

On Tuesday, Adobe is having it’s media event to officially unveil all of it’s Creative Suite 3 apps. If the beta of Photoshop CS3 is any indication, sweeping changes are in store across the line. Hopefully there will finally be a truly unified UI across all the apps!

Also on Tuesday, the follow-up/add-on for Oblivion is being released, Shivering Isles. For the hardcore Oblivion geek like me, this is very exciting. Anything to help me forget the disappointing train wreck that S.T.A.L.K.E.R. turned out to is a welcome distraction.

You have the Musikmesse expo in Germany opening on Wednesday. Apple is rumored to finally be announcing and showing off the update for Logic Pro, or (rumor would have it) it’s re-branding as an entirely new product. In fact, Apple is having a special retailers-only meeting tonight, so the news may come even sooner!

Finally, Rock Star Games will be releasing the first teaser trailer for Grand Theft Auto IV on Thursday. This will mark the game’s first outing on the next gen consoles, and has already been announced for simultaneous release on both the PlayStation3 and X-Box 360 for this year’s holiday season. A big Nelson Muntz “Ha ha!” to Sony for losing that exclusive. I’m fully prepared to get a 360 just to play this game, I’m tired of waiting for the inevitable PC port!