Another Boring Game Post

I'm not sure what possessed me to do so, but I started playing The Sims 2 again. I've managed to get hooked, nay obsessed, again. Not really playing the game as intended, but just having fun building these huge houses filled with bling in empty lots. *laugh* I guess it helps keep me from going stir crazy until I go back to work next week, and it saves me money too since I'm playing a game I already own rather than going out to buy a new one.

Speaking of buying something new, it would appear that both Civilization IV and Serious Sam 2 are coming to Valve's Steam service. Civ IV is the source of many lost hours, but I've shamefully never owned a legal copy. So, should it be released alongside it's recent expansion pack Warlords, I'll probably pick them up over steam. I also really enjoyed the SS2 demo, but never got around to picking up a copy. Hopefully they'll be at a discount price like many of the recent titles added to the service (I'm also thinking about Call Of Duty 2 and Gun now that they're available at lower prices through digital delivery.)

Yeah, I'm bored… back to The Sims 2. *laugh*