An Evening With Kevin Smith

I’ve had An Evening With Kevin Smith sitting on my DVR for months on end, and had never gotten around to watching it. The fact that it’s almost four hours long was certainly a contributing factor, but I finally decided to watch at least a little bit of it last night. I figured I’d sit down and watch at least an hour or two of it, especially as I’ve been in need of a good laugh quite a bit lately. A good laugh is exactly what I got, Kevin Smith is a damn funny guy. I was enjoying it so much I couldn’t stop watching and ended up staying up way too late watching all four hours of it, and was never bored or wanting to switch it off for even a moment.

I’ve gotta admit I’m a little disappointed in hindsight that I didn’t go see him at Kent State a couple years back, where segments of this were filmed. I missed out on what would certainly have been a really good time. I’ve also gotta admit I’m actually kinda looking forward to Clerks II now. I’m still going to go in with low expectations. but I may just go back to seeing Kevin’s movies in the theater. That was a tradition that ended after Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back. I skipped Jersey Girl until it hit cable, though I’ll confess I enjoyed it, even if it’s not his best work.

It was especially entertaining listening to him talk about how Jay & Silent Bob were gone for good though. He stated pretty strongly that they were retired forever and would never be seen again, for fear of them turning into Pauly Shore one day. And yet, Clerks II is on the way. Ah well, at least he admits he’s a whore. ;-)