New Track: Disco Biscuits

This is another one of the songs from the RPM Challenge that I’m filing under “I said I’d release everything, so here it is”. It was a fun experiment to dabble in a genre I don’t usually write in, and a major key disco house song was certainly a departure from the mostly moody, minor key stuff that surrounded it all month, but this is one of the weaker songs in the bunch. It’s not bad, necessarily, but not one of my favorites.

Going Loopy!

This is one of the rare cases where I’ve used loops, something I usually try and avoid. All the drums are loops, though I did layer two loops together to create the groove that’s here, so there was at least a little bit of creativity there.

Some of the melodic content started it’s life as a placeholder loop as well, but I eventually went back and replaced them all with something original. So all that stuff is all mine. There’s even a little bit of live funk guitar in there, my first new recorded bit of guitar in years!

“Disco Biscuits”, by the way, is slang for Quaaludes. Which were one of the drugs of choice in 70’s disco culture.