New Track: Far From Home

Not sure what to say about this one, it was a bit out of left field. Way more downtempo than I usually do, and brings in a bit of R&B flavor to things? I also arranged it in more of a verse/chorus structure, which was a bit different from my usual build-and-drop techno structure. This one really feels like it could use some vocals, but I can’t sing a note, so… Not my favorite song of the ten RPM Challenge songs, but I said I’d release everything, so here it is.

Arbitrary Constraints

One of the things I did with the RPM Challenge was to place an arbitrary constraint of some kind on each song to help inspire some creativity. For the first three songs I worked on, it was to work from within one of the new genre/style-themed sounds packs that came with Ableton Live 10. The pack I used for this song was heavy on the hip-hop and R&B styles of sounds, so it’s not entirely surprising this ended up where it did.

Some of the percussive elements in this one are loops, which is something I often try and avoid. I prefer to come up with my own stuff from scratch, but they really fit so I rolled with it. Other than that, most of the core rhythmic stuff is original, and all the melodic content is mine.

Of the 10 songs I wrote for the RPM Challenge, I’d rank this one 9th. That said, I do really like the Moog-like bass line and the organ stabs (and that funky sine worm is kinda fun too) so I may go back to this at some point off in the future and do a remix or just cannibalize those elements for a new song.