New Track: Stimulus Response Pattern

The second of ten songs written as part of the RPM Challenge, I more or less stuck to the familiar again on this one. There’s a few more melodic elements than I typically have used working their way in, and most of it was performed rather than step sequenced, so there’s still a bit of exploring and experimenting here, which was one of my goals for the project.

Going With the Flow

The only really notable thing about this song, which is otherwise typical of my usual songwriting style, is that I started making an effort to bring in some more melodic elements. Something above and beyond the simple chord stabs and simple pads that I usually use as a crutch.

One thing I learned over the years is to always go with the flow. Whatever style of song starts coming out, just roll with it and don’t fight it. Having a specific style or genre I want to write and trying to force whatever I’m coming up with into that box always ends up in failure, and another unfinished and abandoned song in the pile.

If minimal techno is what’s coming out, then minimal techno it is! At this point in the challenge, I was still trying to get my sea legs back and feel more comfortable with such a breakneck songwriting pace. So building off a familiar foundation was totally justified, in my opinion. And, hey. I’m not so bad at whipping up this stuff, so why deny it!?