Climbing That Mountain, Part 2: The Pictures

Okay, these first two are of the lower incline ice we started off on. Went up and down this one several times. The pictures aren't the clearest, but it should give you an idea. Keep in mind that I was standing at the base of it looking up, so it's a sharper incline than it looks. The tree toward the bottom left of the second photo is pretty much growing straight up, to give some perspective. And the incline gets sharper towards the top, which is kinda hard to see. (It's much easier to see everything if you click on the photos and view the large size.)

To give an idea of scale, there's a small darkish area about a third of the way up, on the left of the ice wall near the trees. (Easier to see in the second photo.) That's one of those small sections of near vertical ice, and it's maybe 4 or 5 feet tall. There was another like it towards the top, and a larger (maybe 10 feet high?) one right at the base that's just out of frame on the photos.

Ice Climb 1

Ice Climb 2

We actually walked around and repelled that section first, trying to cause an avalanche to clear the snow from the ice. Didn't really work. We made a couple of smaller ones, but not enough to really clear it off and make it easier to see the ice. *shrug* Ah well, what are you gonna do?

This last one is of the ice wall we repelled down at the end of the day. The photo turned out pretty bad, the trees block the view of most of the ice. I was just too tired at that point to hike back over and get a good shot. *laugh* You'll have to trust me on this one, I guess. *shrug* Height-wise, it's a little lower than the other ice wall, but it's near vertical for most of the sections.

Ice Climb 3

Tomorrow, it's Mt. Washington. I've been advised to give my camera to the guide at the start of the climb, so he can take lots of action shots of me. I guess most students get so focused on the climb that they forget they even have the camera, where the guide is more experienced, and doesn't have to think so much about every little thing they're doing. So they'll actually remember to take pictures along the way. *laugh*

Sadly, I'll have a different guide tomorrow than I did today. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention my guide earlier. She was just about the cutest damn thing I've seen in a long time. Made the day all the more enjoyable. *smile*

Good times.