Some Musical Ramblings

I’m happy to report that I finally got my guitar gear hooked back up last night! I also stopped and got some new strings, which were desperately needed. I decided to experiment a little and buy some heavy-gauge strings so I can play around with a lower tuning, in this case I’ve tuned down to a drop-B (the entire guitar is tuned down two full steps, then the lowest string is tuned down a third full step to B) so I can really churn some bowels. I figure it’s about time I gave in and joined the de-tuning club. Hell, even Slayer is doing it now. As they’ve always done their own thing and never hopped on a trend, it means that drop tunings have transitioned from gimmick to ubiquity.

I have yet to get the guitar stuff jacked into the rest of my gear so I can record any of it, but that’s the next step in the process. I’m looking forward to doing some writing and recording with the guitar for the first time in far too many years. Though, considering I’ve been mostly listening to stuff like Lamb Of God, Slayer, Pro-Pain, Hatebreed, Black Label Society, etc. lately, I’m kinda scared to hear what will come out. If the stuff I was ripping out just goofing around last night is any indication, I’m going to need one of those fabled de-reznorizer plugins. *laugh*

On an unrelated note, I’ve had an interesting shift in listening habits today so far. Pretty much as extreme a shift as one could have, I suppose. The last couple weeks it’s been almost all the aforementioned metal stuff, along with some old NY hardcore stuff (Gorilla Biscuits, Crumbsuckers, Cro-Mags, etc.) but today I’ve been listening to a compilation of Rod Modell’s Deep Chord stuff. From skull-cracking metal to near ambient textural techno in a day. Sheesh.