Music Software Geekery

With the Summer NAMM expo opening tomorrow, this should hopefully be a busy weekend for music gear related announcements. One thing for certain, Ableton is having a press conference tomorrow, where they'll be unveiling Live 6. The only new feature they've talked about so far is heavy optimization of the software to help reduce it's CPU load, including finally supporting multi-core/multi-processor environments. For me, it will be nice in the short term to not have an entire 2Ghz G5 CPU sitting around unused, and in the long term it's good to know that the newer multi-core Intel chips going in the newer Macs will be fully utilized as well. But what else do they have up their sleeve? They've always been good at coming up with new features that you never would have thought of, but couldn't live without after you start using them (and doing them in ways unlike anybody else in the software business) so I'm really looking forward to seeing what's next!

I'm also really hoping for some more solid timelines from Native Instruments on updating all their software for the Intel Macs as well. They've been pretty vague so far, saying only Q3 or Q4 2006 for most of the product line, so something a little more concrete would be nice. I personally won't even think about moving to an Intel Mac until, at the very least, Reaktor has been updated. Come on NI, help me justify a new MacBook Pro! *laugh*