Yesterday’s Plan

So, did I follow through on my plan for the evening yesterday?

Finish up work? Check.

Go to Trader Joe’s to get some food and some wine? Check.

Eat some dinner? Check. As can be seen from the photo last night!

Drink some wine? Check. First glass with dinner.

Bust out the MachineDrum? Check.

Make some noise? Check. A little bit, at least. Most of my time was spent re-learning how to use it, and reading through the manual again. A second glass of wine was consumed through this process.

A little writing? Check. Though, nothing of the public kind. Strictly for me, for the most part, and a little bit for someone else.

Some meditation too? Check. Not very long, but it’s a start.

Get my groove back? Again, it’s a start.

Play some more Oblivion? Check.

(Okay, that last part wasn’t part of the plan, but I indulged myself anyway!)

I think I’ll try a repeat performance this evening, minus the shopping part as I’ve got all I need for the week.