I Heart Nintendo

First off, they've officially begun releasing the popular Japanese "brain games" here in the states. These are games that provide you a variety of different mental exercises and challenges to help keep your brain in shape. Most even go so far as to grade you and track your progress. I've been drooling over these ever since they became the hot thing in Japan, so I'm really happy to see they'll be making it over to the states. So far, only for the DS, but hopefully for the Revolution as well later on.

Speaking of the Revolution. It had already been announced that Nintendo would have a download service for the Revolution where you could purchase (presumably for a reasonably inexpensive rate) and download older games and play them on the Revolution. They were to include games from the original Nintendo, the Super Nintendo, and Nintendo 64. Now, this week they announced they would also be offering Sega Genesis and TurboGrafx games as well! Hello Bonk and Sonic! w00t!

Hell, Nintendo may just get me to buy a game console again. It would be the first time since, well… since the Super Nintendo. It's been a while.