Operation: Wake Up

I decided, after one of my recent near sleepless nights, to start trying to wake up at a more reasonable hour this week. Generally, I've been getting up around 10-10:30 each morning, and I usually feel pretty sluggish and lazy all day. I noticed myself having more energy and getting more accomplished the day after one of those nights, where I got much less sleep than normal, so I came up with the theory that I've been actually getting too much sleep.

Monday I didn't do so good. I set the alarm for 6:30 (roughly sunrise) but shut it off and went back to sleep until the usual 10-ish. As expected, I got jack and shit accomplished on Monday.

Tuesday I woke up with the alarm at 6:30, though I didn't drag myself out of bed until almost 7:00. I did fall asleep on the couch around 8:00 and slept until the usual 10:00-ish again, but I got up and moving early nonetheless. I actually got some stuff done that day! Got some cleaning done around the apartment, got some work done on the computer, etc. Maybe there's something to my theory.

Today, I set the alarm for 7:30, an hour later than usual. I didn't actually get out of bed until 8:30 today, and it's too early to tell if I'll have a productive day or not, but I'm feeling much more energetic and have the desire to get some things done today.

I'm really hoping I can stick with it this time, I've tried this before and fell back to old bad habits after a week or two. I'm hoping my Buddhist studies and practices will give me the mental strength required to follow through this time. We'll see, I guess.